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CSS North America, Inc is a distributor of sophisticated supermarket technologies. CSS North America, Inc. specializes in Energy-Saving Refrigeration Night Blinds, Hi-Spectrum Color Corrected Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Anti-Fog Freezer Films and Electrical Services & Maintenance.

Our products improve supermarket product marketability, increase sales, reduce energy consumption, allow for efficent energy use, provide excellent ROI, decrease product loss and contribute to safer and healthier environment.

In addition to our products, we provide relamping and lighting equipment maintenance services and manage a range of electrical projects.

CSS North America, Inc. is a licensed and insured Electrical Contractor based in Toronto, ON. Our highly experienced and insured electricians are fully licensed to operate in commercial buildings or construction sites and carry out various projects for our clients from small repairs to more complex electrical wiring and equipment installations.

CSS North America, Inc. holds a valid ECRA/ESA licence # 7009513.

Highlights & Features

Our company's philosophy is to ensure client satisfaction in all aspects of its conduct. Determined to build lasting relationships and earn its customers' business, CSS North America, Inc. guarantees excellent and timely service.

We strive to find solutions, which meet the clients' time and budget requirements.

The company offers free delivery to its customers in the GTA area. Flexible and affordable shipping is available to customers in Canada and the US.

Protect the environment

Now you can equip your store with energy-saving blinds and feel good about it too! When employing CSS night blinds you reduce your store’s energy consumption, which cuts down on the CO2 pollution of Earth’s atmosphere.

In fact, every 100 feet of refrigeration blinds installed at your store remove an equivalent of 7 cars’ annual emission, or 43.6 tons of CO2 and other poisonous gases. Interestingly, 218 trees would need to be planted to offset this amount of carbon dioxide emission. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to save the environment.

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