Electrical Services

Our licensed and insured electricians carry out various projects for our clients – from small repairs to more complex electrical wiring and equipment installations.

Since each project is unique, we meet with each client for an initial assessment of their needs and offer professional advice and recommendations. We then prepare a project time and value time and value estimate. Upon the client’s approval we start the work and strive to complete the project on time.

We strive for client satisfaction through quality service.

CSS North America, Inc. holds a valid ECRA/ESA licence # 7009513.

Relamping and Maintenance

Lack of maintenance can decrease the lumen (light) output of existing lighting systems by up to 60%. To ensure optimal lighting and address the degradation of existing light fixtures CSS North America, Inc. offers replacement and maintenance services for lighting components and fixtures (i.e. lamps, ballasts, diffusers and lenses) in retail, commercial and industrial buildings such as retail stores, showrooms, restaurants, supermarkets, offices, hotels, schools, warehouses and factories.

Relamping services can be provided periodically or on-demand. We will perform an up-front inventory of the existing lighting equipment and provide a proposal to clean existing fixtures, replace failed light bulbs and ballasts and perform group re-lamping.

In providing our relamping services we also focus on improving energy savings and ensuring continuous and efficient lighting solutions for our clients.