What is an Energy-Saving Refrigeration Night Blind?

Energy-saving refrigeration night blinds or thermoshields operate by keeping cold air inside a display case, where it belongs, for much more efficient cooling of perishable products during the closing hours of a store.

Our energy-saving refrigeration nigh blinds operate effectively on both upright and bunker cases in all areas of the store where display cases are used. The night blinds are offered as a factory-installed accessory from major display case manufacturers, or are installed on existing or new refrigeration cases (retrofit), as requested.

CSS Refrigeration Night Blinds

Our energy-saving refrigeration night blinds are recognized by supermarket chains, government commissaries, and display case manufacturers as one of today’s best values in supermarket energy-management products.

CSS refrigeration nigh blinds provide simple and effective insulation for refrigerated display cases during the hours when a store is closed, saving money by lowering energy costs typically by 40% - 50%, reducing maintenance costs, and extending product shelf life.

Our thermoshield night blinds feature a durable, reflective metallic fabric manufactured from the highest quality materials. Designed to last for the lifetime of a display case and with thousands of installations worldwide, CSS night blind is quickly becoming standard store equipment for innovative retailers everywhere.


Unlike plastic alternatives prone to discoloration and tear, CSS energy-saving blinds are made to last for years, making them a top choice for value-concsious grocers and display case manufacturers. Enclosed cassette design combined with high-quality materials help achieve high durability.

Stop Blowing Away your Profits

Our thermoshield blinds provide simple and effective insulation for refrigerated display cases during a store’s closing hours and substantially improve your store’s profitability by reducing energy expenditures, dramatically cutting down product shrinkage and minimizing maintenance costs. This investment will go hand-in-hand with your other “green” initiatives. 


Our blinds work on all types of display cases, including:

  • Meat
  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Seafood
  • Roll-In Dairy
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Island
  • Frozen food
  • Bunkers