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9 Reasons to Buy CSS Blinds

1. Reduce energy costs.
When the blind is drawn, the superior insulating properties of its reflective metallic fabric maintain a stable, optimal temperature inside the display case. This reduces your compressor load by up to 40% overnight, thus lowering your energy consumption.

2. Extend product shelf life.
By shielding perishable food products from heat and ultraviolet radiation our night blinds extend their shelf life. Tiny perforations in the fabric prevent condensation from collecting inside the display case and allow it to "breathe".

3. Reduce maintenance costs.
Our refrigeration blinds reduce store maintenance costs by keeping the temperature inside your coolers constant, which effectively reduces the compressor load. As a result, your compressors will last longer and require less maintenance.

4. Fast payback.
Thermoshield night blinds marketed by CSS North America are a value leader among today’s energy-saving blinds. Payback is usually less than 1 year.

5. Decrease heating costs.
Our energy-saving blinds help reduce store heating costs during winter months. They effectively prevent the refrigerated air inside the display case from escaping into the store.

6. Smart investment.
Our refrigeration blind quickly pays for itself by lowering energy and maintenance costs, as well as reducing product loss. The fire-retardant reflective metallic fabric used in manufacturing our blinds features excellent insulating properties, which protect your products in the event of a power blackout or equipment failure.

7. Protect the environment.
Now you can equip your store with energy-saving blinds and feel good about it too! When employing CSS night blinds you reduce your store’s energy consumption, which cuts down on the CO2 pollution of Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, every 100 feet of refrigeration blinds installed at your store remove an equivalent of 7 cars’ annual emission, or 43.6 tons of CO2 and other poisonous gases. Interestingly, 218 trees would need to be planted to offset this amount of carbon dioxide emission. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to save the environment.

8. Durability.
Unlike plastic alternatives prone to discoloration and tear, CSS blinds are made to last for years, making them a top choice for value-concsious grocers and display case manufacturers. Enclosed cassette design and high-quality materials offer high durability.

9. Warranty, support & installation.
CSS North America provides a standard 1-year product warranty on its blinds. We carry an extensive inventory of spare parts and are ready to provide complete support for all of our products. .